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“There are not enough words to explain how amazing Kaci and her team are. They go above and beyond to make your day special. I received 200 pictures within a week of the wedding and they were beautiful...” 




If you made it this far, we're one step closer to becoming BFFs, am I right?!

My name is Kaci, and I'm the owner and lead photographer/filmmaker of RLF Photos + Films, LLC. 

I literally LIVE to capture memories. The big, the small, the laughter, the tears... All of it. Words can't describe the exhilaration that comes from catching that perfect millisecond and turning it into an image that will transport you back in time whenever you look at it.


Many people probably look at my business name and wonder why the initials are RLF.  Well, RLF stands for "Real Life Fairytales". Why? Because I believe there is magic in even the most ordinary, everyday moments. 

Maybe there aren't glass slippers or knights in shining armor these days. Maybe true love's kiss doesn't solve all of your problems. But there ARE fairytales in real life. You just have to be willing to see them.


I've made it my mission to show them to you. 


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